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Eat to Live

Fad diets, whacky cleanses, and unbearable waist trainers?? A few of the many things that people make themselves endure for the sake of looking a certain way, rather than feeling a certain way. All of these things might work, but only offer short term results until you’re left scrounging looking for another outlet to to solve your problems. What people need to do is: STOP BEING AFRAID OF FOOD.

Our bodies THRIVE off of it. Of course, the good kind. Proper nutrition is what keeps us healthy and even prevents certain diseases from developing (like, diabetes or cancer). One of my favorite documentaries is called Food Matters. The film about nutrition was made in 2008. It entails a thesis that a selective diet plays a huge role in treating a wide range of health issues like: diabetes, cancer, heart disease and depression, ultimately substituting for medical treatment. Also, in the documentary it labels the medical industry as the “sickness industry”, which profits more from treating symptoms of illness than curing the illness.

Food is good for us, even though many people shy away from the thought, and calorie count for ages. It’s important to recognize that we need it to survive. But, essentially we should never overdue it with the things that are bad for us.



Eat to Live, but don’t Live to Eat.

Love always, Breezy

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