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Stress going UP on a Tuesday

Are you stressed at all or can you remember a time in your life where you were??!!

Let me tell ya I definitely am. I mean, who could blame me? It’s my senior year of high school. There are deadlines of all kinds being thrown at me like crazy!! College apps to fill out, studying to do, a job to maintain… it’s definitely a handful!

Sometimes I fall off track… which has consistently been me pretty much all the time lately. I stop working out when I don’t have the time to (in reality: I don’t MAKE time). I take off one day, and that one day goes to two days…. then weeks, or even months. Something that not only others need to learn, but me as well is how to have BALANCE in your life. You see for me, when I know I have a lot to do I not only stop working out as much, but I start eating foods that are bad for me. Cookies, cakes, sodas, you name it!! And it really sucks to be honest. Especially when you make yourself accustom to it. You just keep feeding off of being lazier and going back to your old ways. Sooooo in an effort to “put myself back on track” I am making a list of goals I have for this week, next week, and so on… I want to gradually start getting back into the swing of things BUT also make sure I leave time for my daily work schedule. I’ll post more about it on Instagram @healthyandhype, but also stay tuned for any other info I have on things that are helping me personally get it right this November!
Love always, Breezy

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