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No Gym? No Problem.

Oh so you think that because you don’t have access to a gym, you can’t do anything worth your time to better your fitness levels??? WRONG! There are so many ways that you can “get fit” without ever hitting a gym a day in your life. An actual facility to get your business done in is just a bonus!

Today, I am going to tell you ways that I utilize my time set aside for exercise. Without a gym, I engage in things such as…

  1. Stadium workouts
  2. Track workouts
  3. Good Old-Fashioned Runs
  4. Small weight-lifting exercises
  5. Jumping rope
  6. Toning exercises

I actually use my schools’ track and field grounds when I want to do some of the bigger workouts. I’m sure any public school in your area that has a track will let you use it, especially on the weekends. My schools’ has not only a track but a small stadium that I can use as well.


And then, occasionally (when I’m feeling a little lazier, ha!) I just go on runs around my neighborhood. I have never tracked how many miles I do, but I consider it a pretty hefty routine considering I always finish drenched in sweat.

Lastly, anything that tones you up such as small house weights, jumping rope, calf raises, and sit-ups are great to do. I try to tie in some of these things with my stadium workouts because it is like killing two birds with one stone.

I will have a link later on to an example of a stadium/track workout that I typically do. And maybe a short video as well on my instagram: @healthyandhype!!

Love always, Breezy

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