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Hey guys! This week I want to talk about… water! It is so extremely important for us in our daily lives. We can’t live without it. Here are ten reasons to drink it:

  1. Removes toxins
  2. Promotes healthy skin
  3. Fights infection
  4. Healthy heart
  5. Boosts energy
  6. Improves productivity
  7. Helps you lose weight
  8. Prevents arthritis
  9. Helps digestion
  10. Increases metabolism


Which brings me to the whole point of this post… I’m doing an OCTOBER WATER CHALLENGE!!! It is 31 days of drinking nothing but water in attempt to reset my body of all the sugar & caffeine that I consumed from sugary drinks this year. I’m tracking it daily by the GALLON. Yes….. GALLON. If you also do this challenge, at the end of the month you’ll hopefully be able to notice changes within yourself such as clearer skin and more energy! I will be posting more about this on Instagram so be sure to follow me @healthyandhype to stay updated!!

Post pics using the hashtag #OctoberWaterChallenge to be featured!!!

Here’s a picture similar to the gallon I’ll be using: 27a9a70bcd1aa9d545edc6d7e6583d7a
I wrote on my own so I can always have a reminder of my goals, and because it makes it a little more fun!!

Love always, Breezy

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