Getting in shape… and STAYING in Shape

Believe it or not, staying in shape can be just as difficult as getting IN shape.



Picture this: You finally did it. It’s been six consecutive weeks of you working your butt off in the gym, so you’re feeling fearless! You don’t see a reason to continue working out because you’ve already reached your body goals. So you take a little break. Two days are taken off… then three… then four… you see where I’m going with this right? Even with the busy scheduling Americans underway each day, and the ongoing struggle of carving out free time; it’s easy to let a few weeks pass by without even touching your tennis shoes and hitting the gym again.

I feel that society has completely reconstructed the way citizens think about working out. People only do it to achieve a certain goal (weight, BMI, muscle gain) so they can quit afterwards. That’s not the right mindset to have. The truth is, the only secret to get the results you want and KEEP the results you want is to maintain the same active lifestyle you began with. Ending the routine of a “fit” lifestyle will only get you right back to where you started in the long run. ESPECIALLY if you go right back to eating the same fatty foods, and sugary delights you indulged in on a regular basis.

Studies show that after about six weeks of working out, you are ready and able to take your routine to the next level. Karen Frazier, personal trainer and author of the linked article says, “… getting in shape isn’t a destination, but rather it is an ongoing process. Your body will immediately begin to show the benefits of exercise. Within one to two weeks, you will start to notice changes in all of the five components of physical fitness. Within six to eight weeks, you will find your current workout is too easy, and you will need to bump up the intensity to the next level. This is an ongoing process, and as your fitness level increases, your ability to perform activities will also improve.”

Above all, staying fit and active is more of a lifestyle, than just a “one-month trial”. You feel? It has to be apart of your daily life. But, I’m not saying you have to perform hardcore intensity workouts everyday either. It can be as simple as going for a brisk walk in the evening after dinner with some family, or even riding your bike to work instead of driving. You just have to stay moving. It’s also important to remember to stay positive and have fun! A mentally good attitude goes a long way. Take it one step at a time. Small changes will increase and better your fitness level.

P.S. Don’t forget to warm up with easy exercises or stretches before and after performing any physical activity.

Love always, Breezy

Photo taken from Google Images   

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